Games of Intelligence

Angelina Evilsiser

The introduction to North Port High School’s Academic Olympics team.  

Academic Olympics is a multi-stage high school competition. In a zoom call students join the game through their phones, this allows them to hit a buzzer and answer a question. There is a plethora of questions that could be asked, but they all fall within the categories of foreign language, mathematics, history, and biology/chemistry. Except the final question, or the “key” question, which is usually not not themed. 

Mr. Foust welcomed all students to come and participate in the events. A cheerful and welcoming atmosphere was maintained for the entirety of the meeting. Sadly, not all members attended the meeting as colds were running rampantthrough the school and multiple members were ill. The meeting was spent getting to know each other and playing a fun trivia game. Players were asked random questions, both open and closed. Players enthusiastically answered questions with prior knowledge and being encouraged to give the questions a shot even if they were unsure. 

The actual Academic Olympics will begin in January, when students return from winter break. North Port High School will compete with multiple other schools including Sarasota, Pineview, Booker, Venice, and Riverview High School. Meets occur Tuesdays in Mr. Foust’s classroom (room 7-215)