These Decorations are Fir Real!


Isabelle Lungay

This week, our administrators in the office put on their festive black belts and decorated every inch of the building! From mini Christmas Trees to cute little snowmen and gingerbread cookies, the staff at NPHS poured their hearts into the spirit of the Christmas season. At the Lost and Found area, one can find mini Christmas trees, sprucing up the cabinet top of green and red colors! Also in the attendance, Santa and his Snowman buddy are hanging out, making sure every student gets on school in time once the jingle bell rings. In Miss Sloboda and Moran’s room, they introduced a new gingerbread friend surrounded with his favorite snack: Candy Canes. With its classic, minty flavor, its no wonder this cookie’s crumbin’ for its sweet taste! Over at the Ladimar’s desk, a grumpy looking elf is seen, hiding out in a basket of leaves. Seems like someone’s been talking to a certain green creature, with that resting Grinch face of theirs! Lastly, there is a small little Christmas Tree by Miss Santa Fe’s area. There, you can find the most adorable snowman ornaments, chilling on the tree, along with some deer old friends. Even just by spicing up the office area, it makes sure to bring the holiday joys on everyone’s faces. Photos by Nick Jackson.