North Port’s Academic Olympics Team Soars to Second Place

Kevyn Dufresne, Editor

On Tuesday, January 17, the Academic Olympics team from North Port High School competed in their first annual competition. Students Kevyn Dufresne (24), Robbie French (24), and Roxanna Mayorov (25) rigorously competed in the competition. Academic Olympics pits our school against schools from around the country in a true battle of the brains. This high-energy competition that focuses on the abilities and knowledges of the competitors. Questions range from tossup questions on the Roman Emperors to team questions about famous art, and everything possible in between.

As a result of their hard work and dedication, North Port’s team scored second placed with a grand total of 178 points. Kevyn Dufresne said that “Academic Olympics keeps you sharp because it requires you to recite facts under pressure. I think that this helps participants become well-rounded students and people.”

In the coming month, the team will continue to compete in 4 matches, leading up to the ultimate final match that will decide the winner of the season on February 14th.