Introducing: Mu Alpha Theta!

On January 18, 2023, Mu Alpha Theta hosted their club meeting with more math expressions to solve. The club supervisor, Mr. Nelson, says “I have total faith in my students” when regarding his members, who are active within their club activities. Within the club, they discuss strategies, conduct practice tests, and help each other solve complicated equations. Vanessa Farynna, a club member, states “I also want to get a head start on my life; I want to become a nurse.”

If anyone is interested in Mu Alpha Theta, club meetings happen in room 4-209 on Thursdays!


Look at all of these beautiful faces, this is our north port high school math club. They compete against other high schools in the area in math competitions. They recently placed second in their most recent competition and know their stuff. Mr. Nelson, the club’s officer says “My students are top notch and I have absolute faith in them.  

Look at these guys working hard, they’re in the middle of a math competition against other local high schools. In this competition they played second in junior grade level. Avery says, “Roberts the brains of the operation.”  

These are the happiest looking people I’ve ever seen doing math, let alone college level math, this is Vanessa Farynna and Dominik tur from our north port math club. They’re giving us some motivation, in the form of memes, to join them in math club. Vanessa says, “I chose to join this club just to really have some extra help and more experience in the math field.”