French Club provides its members with opportunities to socialize with fellow students that are interested in learning “What is French.” While making friends and getting to know your peers, those who attend also learn a lot about Frances’s culture and history.

The advisor of the French club at North Port Highschool is Madam M’Bark. She, alongside the members, supports this club. French club at NPHS allows students the opportunity to get to meet people with the same interest, acquiring more information of France and the average day. In these meetings, we get to learn about a specific assigned topic each week such as food, history, and fashion. Many opportunities to participate in the traditions of that of the French are brought up in every meeting. The meeting is to be held in Room 8-217 at NPHS. These meetings occur every Thursday. The purpose that Madam M’Bark and the members of French club pursue is to simply learn more about France. 


French club at NPHS begins with sharing ideas of what to be discussed for the following meetings. By doing so, we can plan out each meeting and activities that can be done to relate to that. Topics like food, history, architecture, and more are assigned. Within each topic, the members and advisor work together to find things to do and learn in relation to that subject matter. For the many holidays that are celebrated throughout the year, traditions are executed, such as Bastille Day. French club is a self-governing organization, meaning that at each meeting, the students are the ones that decide how that day is going to be spent to embrace the French culture. This allows the members to have many responsibilities for planning and organizing each meeting. On the other hand, there is some controversy when it comes to whether Key club is a good organization to provide to students as there are no other clubs to supply to the students who want to learn of other cultures. Many at NPHS may want to learn more about cultures that are not represented at school such as that of the Hispanic, Asian, and native cultures. 


My assessment of French club would be that it offers amazing and not to mention important opportunities for students to learn more about another country and embrace other cultures. French club is an organization with an exceptional reputation, attracting students that are determined and aspire to learn more about other parts of the world. Though French club is particularly important to be able to provide to the students of NPHS, I believe there should be other clubs and organization dedicated to other cultures. Finally, as a member of French club, it will continue to benefit the students It obtains.