8 February news


Congratulations to the following girls who qualified for the state finals in Weightlifting which will be in Lakeland on February 18th: 

Lily Eastes – Olympic   

Kaitlyn Loboda – Olympic  

Kaitlin Kohlenberg – Olympic and Traditional  

Aubrey Jarvis – Olympic and Traditional   

Jahniya Desilva – Olympic and Traditional  

Caitlyn Paige – Olympic 


NPHS NJROTC Hosted our annual orienteering event Saturday 4 February, and it was a huge success. We had 10 different high schools and 183 runners who participated in the event. Our 3 medals winners were Cadet Franco Gabriel (2nd place orange male course), Cadet Mayorov. Roxana (3rd place yellow female course), and Cadet Carney Analiese (2nd place orange female course). We also brought home the 3rd place orange course trophy, the 3rd place green course trophy, and the 2nd overall trophy. Special thank you to Mrs Julie King, Mrs Merly Rennie, And our very own Coach “C.” All 3 of them ran the yellow course as beginners supporting our event and we believe they had a wonderful time challenging, encouraging and pushing our cadets.

Get your tickets for the Glow Social, a party sponsored by SGA. The event featuring a DJ and refreshments will be held on February 24 from 6pm to 8pm. Get your tickets during all lunches February 7 through 16. Don’t miss it! 



Mrs. Halbert and Mr. Coulson in the Student Success Center remind you to register for upcoming events on SchooLinks. Here’s what’s coming up: 

Wednesday Feb. 8- Keiser University is here during all lunches.

Tuesday Feb. 14- UTI (Universal Technical Institute) in Orlando is here! their rep will be here during lunches.

Tuesday Feb. 15- SCF will be here to help with applications.

Friday Feb. 17th – SCF Performing Arts rep will be here to discuss all of their performing arts programs and auditions.