9 February Announcements

     The Academic Olympic team finished this week’s match by defeating Pine View and Venice to place second in the district match.  The team travels next week to compete in the winner-take-all district finals. 

     Attention all students that received a 4.0 or higher for quarter 2. It’s time again for the 4.0 breakfast. It will be held on the 14th of February during 2nd period. Students can check to see if they are eligible on the windows of the cafe in the breezeway. 


Mrs. Halbert and Mr. Coulson in the Student Success Center remind you to register for upcoming events on SchooLinks. Here’s what’s coming up: 

  • Tuesday Feb. 14- UTI (Universal Technical Institute) in Orlando is here! their rep will be here during lunches 
  • Tuesday Feb. 15- SCF will be here to help with applications  
  • Friday Feb. 17th – SCF Performing Arts rep will be here to discuss all of their performing arts programs and auditions 


     Our girls’ soccer finished their season last night on their visit to George Steinbrenner for the regional quarterfinal. On a very competitive match, decided only in the last 20 minutes  the team lost 5-2. Big shout out to them as they completed the longest winning streak (10) in the history of the program. Also, huge congratulations to Sierra Spirk on her final show for the school as she took over the area career scoring record with her 128th and final goal as a Bobcat. 


     Get your tickets for the Glow Social, a party sponsored by SGA. The event featuring a DJ and refreshments will be held on February 24 from 6pm to 8pm. Get your tickets during all lunches February 7 through 16. Don’t miss it!