French Club meets for its weekly meeting with instructor Madam M’bark

Madison Purcell

North Port High School’s French Club met for its weekly meeting on Thursday January 26, 2022. Taking place from 2:15 to 3:30 pm, the club met in room 8-217 to discuss all things surrounding French food, music, and culture.  

French Club is a fairly new club brought to North Port High School, open to all students interested in French customs. The most recent French club meeting viewed a classic French film called “Le Ballon Rouge.” Translating into “The Red Balloon,” the 1956 film directed by Albert Lamorisse is a 34-minute film set in Paris. The movie follows the quests of a young boy that discovers a balloon with a mind of his own. The club was able to open up the culture of France to attendees in an Oscar award winning feature.  

North Port’s club is instructed by French teacher Madam M’bark as well as elected officers. The officers including Bella Valentino (president), Sythe Molodetsky (VP), and Alex Ryan (Secretary). On February 2nd, 2023, the French holiday “Le Chandelur” occurs. Transcribed as Candlemass, it represents the 40 days after Christmas and signifies the day Jesus was presented at the temple. The holiday will be commemorated by the eating of crepes for club members. For the following week, the French Club will play French card games. It is important to embrace all cultures, not only surrounding ones pertaining to your own, and bring unity and diversity across the world. 


Any upcoming events: 

  • Feb 2 is Le Chandeleur, they will celebrate with crepes. In English this is known as Candlemass. This falls 40 days after Christmas and signifies the day that Jesus was presented at the temple. 
  • The following week they will play French card games.