The Most Carefree Club: Gaming!

Avenir Kolomyichenko

Gaming club met on January 19th, 2023. The next meeting planned for January 26th has been canceled. All future meetings happen every Thursday. The club exists for the sole purpose of having students enjoy themselves. Students who attend are not required to sign up or even make their presence known. The clubroom simply acts as an open space for students to play games and do as they please. 

  During this meeting, students simply had fun and did whatever they wanted. One group of students spent the time playing Minecraft. They played together and frequently helped each other with various in-game problems. Another group of students played on a laptop. These students created a virtual machine to run the operating system Windows 64. On Windows 64, they played various built in games. They also discussed the reason they had created the virtual machine. They planned to run various viruses on Windows 64 and see what they looked like. The students wanted to see whether they could save the operating system from the virus after it has been infected.  

  Overall, the club was pretty nice. It provided no value other than just enjoying yourself. Students did whatever they wanted and simply had fun. One group of students left a device playing “1 hour of silence interrupted by meme sounds” and earned many laughs. This club is maybe the most laid back and carefree club that there is. You don’t need to worry about a single aspect. You show up when you want to and do whatever you want. So what are you waiting for? Go on and enjoy gaming club.