Working Together as One in the New Year

NPHS’ SGA met for the first time in 2023 to discuss in-school events

Ray Rosich

North Port High School’s Student Government met on Tuesday, January 17th for the first time in 2023. At their first meeting, attendees got to meet their new government leaders, Mr. Ward and Mrs Noyes. Both began taking over the group after their previous leader, Mrs. Barnes left North Port High. 


At this meeting upcoming events and activities on campus were discussed. Sabrina Schmitt, the SGA president, announced some new student ran projects such as cookie grams. Cookie grams is a fun way to send a delicious Chick-Fil-A cookie to a special someone on campus for Valentines Day. These grams will cost $3 per cookie and the best part; 50% of the profits made will go directly back to NPHS to help fund future on-campus events. 


Another upcoming event discussed at the meeting is NPHS’ winter formal. This winter formal is scheduled for Friday, February 24 from 6 to 8PM. At the meeting, members discussed potential name ideas and concluded with “Frosted Glowup” as the final name choice. Tickets will become available to underclassman during all lunches from February 7-16 costing only $20 a person. Students should dress in semi-formal attire for this fun event. 


The best way for students to get involved on campus is purchasing our Cookie grams and attending our school’s events like our Winter Glowup dance. Proceeds go back to our school’s organizations which will help support future events!