Glow Social Discussion


On Tuesday, the 17th, the student government had a meeting in room 5-108; this was different from their usual location, which is the Tel lab. The room switch was somewhat last minute because of many reasons, involving a change in advisory. The room filled quickly with all of the members and the meeting started off with the new advisors introducing themselves. One of Nphs’s history teachers, Mr. Ward, is one of the new supervisors and helped make everyone feel comfortable with the sudden change and had everyone answer three questions about themselves on paper and turn them in, saying he remembers people better when he “knows something about you.”   

The rest of the meeting was like normal ones, involving the president of the club Sabrina Schmitt (‘23) going over the list of past, present, and future activities that the club is doing. Schmitt speaks on the responsibility of being the club’s president, “It can be really stressful at times… making sure that the events we put on will be fitting for the student body.” However, besides the stress of the leadership position, she says overall that SGA is her favorite club at NPHS. 

 The big discussion point for the meeting was the upcoming winter dance that SGA is planning. With the new advisory, the discussion was a little hectic. The members began voting on themes for the dance, deciding between options like a winter wonderland or a sparkly themed dance. They also decided on the formality for the event, which was a big debate within the group. Some people wanted it to be like a homecoming dance, while others wanted it to be laid back and a type of event that you’d wear jeans to. In the end, the theme decided was a white out with neon colors, where when you arrive you can choose to be splattered with neon paint by staff. The formality that was decided was semi-formal, meaning boys would show up in collared shirts and girls in nicer shirts or blouses; pants can range from jeans to shorts to slacks.