Sustainability Has Availability

Trey Walton

In the sustainability club on Monday the 6th the members watered all the trees they had planted a month prior and cleaned the room with some of the plants to make room for more trees. Environmental teaches students a good use of management and sustainable practices. This club is supervised by Mr. Ward, many of the members say Mr. Ward is a fun and understanding teacher to be around. The club makes for not only an environmentally friendly space but a safe space for anyone who would like to join. Many of the students take time to dedicate to being more sustainable to the plant, while also motivating others to be as well. 

During this particular club meeting they discussed where they were going to plant new trees for the school. Carefully took their time to rake out some soil from an orchid tree and made room for new plants. The school has gained a large number of plants including the butterfly garden by the parking lot that show the dedication the sustainability club has. The club promotes a sustainable atmosphere in the school as well as in its own club. It allows people to see new flowers and trees grow around the school for the better. Peyton Durrance (26) states, “it makes me feel proud to be a part of a school that helps me to create a better school.” 

During the club it was a refreshing experience to see people come together to support the environment. “Environmental club makes me feel as though I’m doing something good for the earth and helping make this school a better place,” says Elizabeth Rosenthal (25’). The club especially promotes a heartwarming environment, making it a welcoming place for people to socialize. Although the club definitely puts in hard work it is simply fun to go no matter what the assignment is at hand.