The Experience of Theatrical Thespians

The Thespian Troupe is an amazing club with tons of cool experiences!

Chloe Halbert

Thespian Troupe 6328 holds monthly meetings where everyone is allowed to come, even non-Thespians. They discuss the next show dates, events, etc. These meetings are very fun and comfortable for anyone watching. It’s clear that everyone knows each other, and they get along well. Meetings are always upbeat and joyous. Everybody really has a great time, although they’re a bit short.  

Having a community with the same interest as you can be extremely fun. In the Thespian Troupe, everyone chose to be there and is happy about it. “My favorite part, super cliché, but probably everybody in it. I think it is really good to have that. Just having that bond of a community of people and it’s like ‘Oh! You like the same thing!’ so yeah, that’s cool,” says Charles Page, a senior at NPHS and the clerk of the Troupe. Hanging out with people who love the same things you love is an amazing feeling and having a club like this one is really beneficial to people who truly enjoy theatre.  

To join this troupe, you really must be dedicated to the program. There are many requirements like earning points and participating in shows to even be qualified to join. “…it [the thespian troupe] sort of separates who’s dedicated and who’s like ‘this is kinda fun’. I mean it can be both, but… Especially with the induction process, you have to want it to go through the whole day doing all that,” says Page. The induction process is where the new members essentially have to be a certain character all day, to their teachers, to their friends, to show that they’re committed. Acting like a character all day is easier said than done, so you have to really want to be in this club. The whole thing is so fun though, so it should be enjoyable for someone who wants to be Thespian Troupe 6328.