Charles Interview (feat. The Biggest Bird)

Chloe Halbert

THE BIGGEST BIRD: What is the Thespian Troupe? 

CHARLES: It’s basically just a bunch of kids in the school who really like theatre. So, they come together as a club and I don’t know… amplify that, sort of. It’s sort of like having a big cast of people, but… sorry can we redo that, that was bad.  

THE BIGGEST BIRD: Is it like advanced theatre? 

CHARLES: Sort of, it sort of separates who’s dedicated and who’s like ‘this is kinda fun’. I mean it can be both, but… Especially with the induction process, you have to want it to go through the whole day doing all that.  

*actual interview* 

CHLOE: What’s your name and what grade are you in? 

CHARLES: I’m Charles Page. I’m a senior, I’m in 12th grade. 

CHLOE: Why did you decide to join the thespian troupe? 

CHARLES: I really like theatre. I’ve liked theatre since probably middle school and I’ve been doing it a lot and I want to do it in the future, so I thought, ‘why not do it here too?’.  

CHLOE: What’s it like being in the troupe? 

CHARLES: It’s a lot of fun because you’re with a bunch of people who you know also want to be there and want to do what you want to do. It’s a lot of fun to be with people who are just like you and have the same desires that you have.  

CHLOE: What’s your favorite part? 

CHARLES: My favorite part, super cliché, but probably everybody in it. I think it is really good to have that. Just having that bond of a community of people and it’s like ‘oh! You like the same thing’ so yeah, that’s cool. 

CHLOE: How many shows have you been in? Like an estimate? 

CHARLES: In school or out of school? 

CHLOE: Both.  

CHARLES: Probably 10, 10 or more.  

CHLOE: Which one was your favorite? 

CHARLES: My favorite is Mary Poppins here or Beauty and the Beast at Venice Theatre.  

CHLOE: Who’s your favorite theatre icon? 

CHARLES: I have no idea. Probably, it’s simple cause he’s super famous, but Hugh Jackman. I really like him. He does a lot of stuff. I want to be like him. It’d be kinda cool.