A Twist on Christmas


Madison Erickson

A fairy tale Christmas carol at North Port High school’s PAC debuted on January 13th at 7pm. The play started around 7:08pm and it begins in Ebenezer Scrooge’s office. The opening gives a grim feeling to the story with low lighting and duly dressed backgrounds and this sets the image of Ebenezer Scrooge in our head as a bitter person. But this story unfolds to show how our biggest accomplishments and future understandings can come from our mistakes. 

This play is a rendition of a Christmas carol in a fairy tale setting. It opens with the scrooge shown as the big bad wolf and threatening many traditional story characters like the 3 little pigs and jack from jack and the bean stalk. Ebenezer scrooge played by Cheyanne Miller breaks 4th wall by talking to the narrator Mother Goose played by Kylie Staub. Kylie Staub (25) says “I was feeling both nervous and excited for every show because every show is a different experience and has a different audience.” As the play continues it displays how Scrooge goes through time to learn the true meaning of Christmas and understand his wrong doings in life. Many characters displaying the ghosts of past, present, and future by many different beloved characters help him on this journey. 

I thought the play was personally put together wonderfully and it was obvious that all of the production crew took their time and tried for an exceptional performance. It had good comedic aspects involved and was fun for the whole family. During the intermission and after the play, the cast was lively and a good group of people. I definitely plan on reattending many other of the school’s renditions of famous stories. I’m also excited to see them perform the school musical this year!