AICE Community Day

Congratulations to all AICE awardees!

Zoey Varga

The AICE community day was held on March 22nd, 2023. It happened during the student’s 7th period located in the PAC. This event was dedicated to those who scored high on their AICE tests and passed all three. AICE tests are rigorous exams which are taken when students are in AICE classes. These tests happen toward the end of the year in which they then further get sent to England to be graded at Cambridge. Cambridge is a prestigious school known for its low acceptance rates and high academics.

There were three groups of students called up. The first group included all students who passed all three of their AICE tests, the second group was all students who got three B’s on all three exams, and the final group consisted of two students; Ambrynn Julius (’23) and Malainey Potts (‘23) these two received all As on their three AICE tests. Each student called up got their name called to come across stage. The first group who got called received buttons that read “AICE’D IT!” for passing all three tests. Then the second group who received all Bs on the three exams got a button and a certificate of congratulations. Lastly the two students who got all As got called up to get a button and certificate as well but with special congratulations from Dr. Little as well as the audience giving them a big round of applause. The buttons were handed out and made by the Enterprise Work Study program “Independence in Motion.” 

Photos by Kevyn Dufresne, Isabelle Louise Lungay, and Zoey Varga