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Get your photos in the yearbook by using the new Yearbook Snap app. Read on for a review and how to use the app. The yearbook staff needs your help!

September 18, 2020


Use the Snap App or to upload photos.

This app makes it so that students and parents can submit their own photos through this app. Your photos would be like any other you usually take but for school purposes. These photos can be put in the North Port High School Yearbook!

My experience with the app was great! When you install the Yearbook Snap app it’s a quick install. When you open this app, it’ll bring you to the Community Upload. First you need to click on the arrow at the bottom right, it’s orange by the way. Next this will bring you to the Find Your School tab and then you type in your school name. Then you put in the code, the access code from the school, which is BOBCAT. This will take you back to the Community Upload screen and now it’ll bring you to Categories. For each category you can upload five photos.

When you click on one of the categories there are two buttons at the bottom. The one on the bottom left is the add photos, either you add photos from your gallery, or you can take a photo from there, the app. When you upload a photo, you can see a little red x in the top right corner of the photo you uploaded onto the category. If you click this little red x then you can get rid of the photo. The button on the bottom right uploads any of the photos you added on to the app in the category you’re on currently.

This is pretty much all there is to know about the Yearbook Snap app! I hope many students try this out and get into the schools’ yearbook. Let your inner photographer shine with the Yearbook Snap app!!!


How to use Yearbook Snap…

First, you’d download the app, Yearbook Snap is available in the App Store or the Google Play Store, and enter our access code: BOBCAT

Then go to the and enter North Port High School.

Then click on Community Upload and enter the access code: BOBCAT

Upload your photos and you might see them in the yearbook when you open it in June! Yearbook staff will contact you via email if more information about your photo is needed.

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