Rely on the Student Code of Conduct

This important document for Sarasota County Schools Students will help you follow the rules and maintain our high expectations.

What is the Code of Student Conduct? Where can you find The Code of Student Conduct? Why is The Code of Student Conduct so important? Are all common questions asked by North Port High School students right around the beginning of the school year.

Female student sits at the lunch table wearing ID badge and mask.
Ravenclaw House’s Zoe Gotsch sits at lunch socially distanced from other students, and makes sure to wear her face covering and her Student ID card. (Scarlet Schaffner)

The Code of Student Conduct is a set of rules made to keep students safe and help maintain a positive learning environment while attending North Port High School. The Code of Student Conduct is available to the public at These expectations are important because it answers any questions a student

Student stands in the lunchroom wearing a mask, ID badge, and football jersey.
Football player Brandon Paige rocks his football jersey while showing his Bobcat Pride, mask and Student ID badge. (Scarlet Schaffner)

may have, the student dress code, and helpful regulations to help improve North Port High School’s learning environment 

To begin with, The Code of Student Conduct can provide answers to any unanswered questions a student may have.  The guidelines include anything from electronic use to technology use. In addition, these expectations include a helpful glimpse of the student dress code. The student dress code holds importance due to the fact everyone is expected to dress for success. While students learn they are expected to not be a distraction inside of the classroom.  Lastly, the Code of Student Conduct provides helpful rules used to maintain a safe learning environment on campus that are used to protect the students against things, such as school shootings, severe weather, and extreme emergencies like fires.  

In conclusion, The Code of Student Conduct holds importance all around school to ensure student’s academic success. Please make sure to read and review the Student Code of Conduct as it pertains to everyone on campus. Remember North Port Works, North Port Wins!

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