Why Voting Matters

With elections coming up on a national scale, like the presidential election coming up quickly on November 3rd of this year, it is knowledgeable to remember why voting is important. The voting age requirement in the United States of America is 18 years old. If you meet the essentials of registering to vote, it is influential to make your voice heard because voting will determine how the future looks for you, family, friends, and your whole country. Voting for someone that represents the same views on current issues, ensures that your opinions are shared and represented. It is necessary to know what is going on during the presidential campaign from both political parties (Democrats and Republicans). Knowing what actions, the candidate will take if elected will impact every American citizen. It is crucial to register to vote if you can and remember the deadline to register is October 5th.   

It is also important to remember to vote for Student Government Association Officers. Voting for SGA officers in your grade level is significant because they get to take what you want to happen in school to administrators and make it a reality. SGA officers are students that are qualified for the job they have. They decide things like the theme for the spirit week, the Homecoming Dance, Prom, and many other events that happen at NPHS. Voting for a person that can express your interest in events at school can help improve the experience of your high school career. The way that you can vote for an SGA officer can be accessed through Blackboard under the module named NPHS Voting Class of ____, (in the blank of the year you graduate). Be sure to give that page a look when voting is available. 

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