New Coaches, New Faces, Same Goal


A pass from North Port doesn’t seem to get over the fingertips of a Riverview defender.

Timothy Thomas and Brooke Sawyer

The North Port Bobcats have been giving it their all so far this season, and as we approach week 5 of the high school season, things aren’t getting much easier. Unfortunately, the Bobcats have succumbed to an 1-3 deficit and face a big upcoming challenge this October. North Port’s homecoming game, scheduled for October 30th against Lemon Bay, is coming up quickly and with the school’s football pride on the line, they have more than the game to lose. Since the 2019-2020 season, here’s what’s new:

  • Coaching Adjustment: Added Billy Huthman to the coaching roster
  • Player Adjustment: Several senior players graduated last year

Despite a new coach, as well as the loss of some players, North Port still has maintained multiple playmakers on both sides of the ball. North Port’s defense has been solid, led by seniors including Zach Kelly, Joey Anderson, and Gabe Rodriguez who have been able to bulk up due to their four-year dedication. But it’s the offensive line where they’re having most of their issues.

Koby Wintersteller, team captain and the starting wide receiver stated, “If everyone does what were supposed to do, do all of our assignments and play all four quarters as hard as we can, we will come out with a win no doubt.” With so much talent on both sides of the ball, it all comes down to coaching and execution.

The Bobcat’s new coach Billy Huthman is bringing more ‘pass-friendly’ offense to our football team which is a great idea. It will throw a defense off because most high school football teams do not pass frequently. If North Port is able to start scoring on the offensive side of the ball, and fix the mistakes they are making, they should definitely see more wins over teams like Parrish and be able to win North Port’s Homecoming game, all while making their school proud!


A pass from North Port doesn’t seem to get over the fingertips of a Riverview defender.