Accessorize, Prioritize, and Organize Your School Year!

How to keep organized and focused this 2020-21 school year.

This 2020-21 school year is a huge adjustment to everybody, no matter the grade or if you are in class remotely or physically. With most classrooms being reliant on technology, this may be new to some and it may be difficult to focus or keep up with the class.  

Here are some tips to hopefully help you focus on classes in which it may be difficult:  

-Find your area of focus: If you are about to learn something in a lecture, acknowledge that by the end of the lesson, you should be able to know what that concept is. Consider writing down what you should know by the end of the lesson and strive to maintain focus to meet that goal. The Learning Intention and Success Criteria posted by your teacher can help you check your learning. 

-Avoid distractions: Although you may want to sit next to your best friend in class, if you know you will get nothing done if you’re seated next to them, you may want to refrain from doing so. Refraining from all possible distractions can help you focus on the lesson/ assignment and only that. 

-Be engaged in class activities: If the class is doing an activity or discussion together, get involved! Testing your knowledge in an activity or discussion can help strengthen your knowledge or inform you more. Asking questions is another tip to stay engaged during lectures. This can help you receive clarification on the material being taught and teachers are there to help. So, make sure to ask away! 

These tips will help you better improve your focus, as a student you need to put in the effort to actively engage in the class material so you can better interpret the information. Another struggle this school year, with a lot being online, may be organization. Some students may mix up deadlines or forget to turn in assignments or even cannot find an assignment.  

Here are some techniques to stay better organized: 

-Folders: On a computer or whatever device you may use, having separate folders for each class to better organize online assignments is beneficial. You can easily navigate to which class you may need to find an assignment. Also, on cell phones, folders are also beneficial for apps you may use in class such as Remind, Class Dojo, Hero, etc. 

-Have a planner: Whether you like to physically write down deadlines or you would rather type them into a calendar on your phone, a planner is extremely helpful. Keeping track of homework due dates, project deadlines, or even dates of tests and quizzes can help you better prepare yourself for these assignments and prevent you from missing deadlines. 

-Know when each class is and arrive on time: Know when each class starts and ends so you can make sure you are prepared for every class. Have notebooks or binders ready if you are taking notes and make sure you are actively participating! Organize your supplies for each class and have them ready so you don’t have to struggle to find supplies before class begins. 

Following these organization techniques and focus tips can help you out this stressful 20-21 school year. Try your best on everything you do and make sure to stay on top of your classes. Let’s make this a great school year!