Trump bans TikTok

On July 31, 2020 aAir Force One, Donald J. Trump announced his plan to ban the popular app TikTok from America.  For now, the federal order is being blocked by a judge. Trump said that the social media app would be fully banned by November 14, if the app was not sold to an American company. Trump is worried for national securitybecause of ties to company that owns TikTok and the Chinese government. 


Donald J. Trump is still fighting with the courts to get TikTok banned. Donald Trump believes that Byte Dance the company that owns TikTok, will give the information of the American people to the Chinese government. The Wall Street Journal had this to say, “If you use TikTok, the app collects a range of information such as location data and your internet address, according to its privacy policy, and it tracks the type of device you are using to access its platform. It stores your browsing and search history as well as the content of messages you exchange with others on the app.” Jon Callas claims the Chinese apps tend to collect more information than necessary.  


TikTok has 2 billion downloads worldwide and is still rapidly growing. Donald Trump is untrusting of the company Byte Dance with lots of information about the American people. Donald Trump says, Byte Dance is nothing but a mouthpiece for the Chinese government. Byte Dance denied these allegations saying that these accusations by Donald Trump are prejudiceyet neither of these claims have been proven. TikTok says that the information that they collect is less personal compared to what American companies collect. 


The American government is concerned because there are bugs in the app allowing the Chinese government to hack your phone and get very personal information. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray stated, “If you are an American adult, it is more likely than not that China has stolen your personal data.” With information being stolen to this degree it can lead to larger problems later down the road. To be more specific they could use this information to profile our government workers, to figure out things like who is more susceptible to black mail. 


Overall if this is true and china gets our information the results can be disastrous. Donald Trump has recognized this and is trying to take the steps needed to prevent anything from happening. Donald Trump is trying to protect our personal information, because 50 million people use TikTok daily in the America. 

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