Set, Bump, Score!

October 6, 2020

Huddle up! The North Port Bobcats take a break to talk things over. North Port would later go on to beat Palmetto high 3-1. Caitlyn St. Germain stated, “We use these games to practice our plays while playing mediocre teams like Palmetto.” (Skylar Madish)

The Lady Bobcats have taken the 2020 season by storm. Currently they are 7-8 overall, and with a little under half the season to go, they still have a good chance at a winning season.

On October 1st, they crushed Booker High, winning all three periods, as well as the overall game.  During this game, it was clear who the top scorer was. Haylee Rhoades, a junior, used her height as a key advantage, blocking several hits as well as sending several spikes the other way. However, she didn’t do this by herself, Caitlyn St. Germain, another varsity player, assisted Rhoades with many of her passes. 

While the North Port Volleyball Varsity Team thrived last week in their game, the Booker High Tornadoes struggled substantially. Booker’s height already put them at a severe disadvantage against North Port’s Rhoades, but they also could barely get the ball over the net for serves, and they had a hard time recovering from plays. Fortunate for us, with St. Germain’s assists, Rhoades’ spikes and Brooke Matthew’s serves, the volleyball team won all three periods by significant numbers, and overtook the entirety of the game. Well done, Lady Bobcats!

This week, the Lady Bobcats play Imagine School at North Port (15-2) and Sarasota High (6-8). Good luck, ladies!

Get Loud! The Bobcats celebrate a score on their senior night, and still maintain a smile even while they are down. The Bobcats later end up losing the game 3-1. (Autumn Coyle)
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