A good week for Minecraft

Steve Rocks the Block! 

The 2nd fighter in Fighters Pass 2 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced at 10 A.M on the 1st of October. The fighter revealed was Steve/Alex from Minecraft! Following Min Min, Steve is the 7th DLC character to be added. Minecraft is the bestselling game of all time, so it’s no surprise that Nintendo wanted Steve in their hit fighting game, Smash Ultimate. The inclusion of Steve is a huge deal, since Minecraft is a Microsoft IP and as said, it’s the bestselling game of all time.  

From what we were shown, we will be able to play as Steve, Alex, Enderman, and a zombie as alternate skins for the character. Steve has a crafting mechanic, as he can mine the stage to get materials to get better weapons to do more damage or knockback. He can get different ores to craft weapons and place blocks. The order of ores and materials from weakest to strongest is wood, stone, iron, gold, and lastly diamond. He can place blocks, even in mid-airMr. Sakurai (Director for Smash Ultimate) stated that they had to alter every single stage, 103 to be specific (excluding the new Minecraft stage), so that Steve can place blocks on them! As we can see, there was a lot of love and effort put into this character, and it’s obvious the Smash team had fun creating and designing Steve. According to a Mojang employee, talks for Steve to be in Smash started 5 years ago!

Steve soars into battle as the 7th DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. “Even I didn’t think this day would come.” – Mr. Sakurai, Director for Smash Ultimate. 

Another thing to note is that when Steve was revealed, it legitimately broke twitter. The last time an event broke twitter was Michael Jackson’s death in 2009. Mr. Sakurai acknowledges this, and jokingly tweets out “Perhaps Twitter has fallen?”. 

More information was shown at the “Mr. Sakurai Presents Steve and Alex”, where we saw Mr. Sakurai showcase Steve’s core gameplay mechanics, his stage, music, spirits, and the new wave of Mii fighters. The Mii fighters shown were A creeper, a Minecraft pig, Diamond Armor, Gil, and Bomberman. This is especially interesting, many call this a “deluxe Mii, this obviously isn’t an official term, just one that was made up by fans. I assume this is because the Mii costume is very polished and well made, but unlike the other “deluxe Miis” (Sans and Cuphead), Bomberman didn’t come with music track. 

 But that’s not the final Mii costume, because sadly, Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes got the Mii fighter treatment. Travis Touchdown was a highly requested character, and it’s very sad to see that he probably won’t get in as a DLC fighter. Of course, it’s a fan rule that states Mii costumes can’t become playable fighters, but it’s highly unlikely that Sakurai made Travis a Mii and then put him in later as DLC. It’s extremely likely that this is the only No More Heroes content we’re getting. 

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