Dungeons and Dragons: Why would you enter the Dungeon?

~Gather round great travelers, hear thy tale of great wonders, treacherous fates, deceitful traps, and great dangers. ~ 

Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons. If you don’t know about Dungeons and Dragons, allow me to explain the game itself. Dungeons and Dragons is a game where four to six players are whisked into a fantasy game of choices. That is the water downed basic and pale version. The game is more than just your atypical boring and generic board game, it’s far more interesting. After interviewing North Port High’s DND Club. One participant of this club has stated that they feel DND is an immersive escape experienceAlthough there is an online video game version for DND, the club manager refuses to play it. “I prefer playing in-person.” The club manager has also stated that “DND is a very social game that almost entirely requires interaction between players.” This is a dedication to an almost 50-year-old game. Now we know what DND is, let’s travel to a mystic world and defy deadly traps. 

~With a beginning, there be an end to pain and suffering. Travel through the corridors and dungeons to seek it. ~ 

Before we get into the game itself, we need to talk about its background and current popularity. Designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Anerson, DND was made public in the 70’s and steadily increased. However, with video games entering stage right, DND slowly became a thing of the past. But even a corpse can be revived with electricity. With recent surge of shows like Stranger Things and Podcasts from the Critical Role as well as YouTube videos being made about it, it grew with popularity. 

~God decides your path to your fate while the Devil lies with lowly hate. So, beware of the danger of Dungeons and Dragons. ~ 

Before the game begins, there is a preparation phase that includes two steps. One, create your character. This can be anything the game provides like halfling warrior or an orc wizard, the choice is yours. Two, the Dungeon Master creates a set path for you. You’re done. You are free to play afterwards. There are additional steps but are rarely used. The idea can only be described as magical and imaginative freedom. There are few restrictions, there are a multitude of choices in each scenario, all within a board game. 

~With adventure comes an end, discovery of purpose. Find your destiny. ~ 

While we still have the idea of what the prep phase contains, note that the set path will adapt to your actions. On top of that, every playthrough of DND is very different from the past playthrough. Every action and scenario are randomized with a set of cards that contain a choice, threat, or deal. You then are asked what to do in the scenario and you decide what to do and the consequences of your actions are laid out, be it good or bad. This can often be a danger where you think you’re safe however your eyes deceive you and a mistake is made. 

~Only the brave or foolish may enter. For thou do not know the perils. ~ 

Despite what the gloomy narrator has said, just like the multitude of races in DND, anyone can play DND. When I mean anyone, I mean anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, you are freely able to play the game with everyone. No one demographic is going to be catered to this game. Some contrarians believe that DND is only specific for nerds or geeks, however this is not the case. The club manager when asked about this, they stated that “DND can be played by anyone regardless of race, gender, age or anything.” Come ye tans and blacks, freedom awaits! 

~Commune with thy allies, they will aid your efforts in your quest. ~ 

Unlike No Mans Sky where the developers lied about the game having some sort of player interaction, DND is a co-op game. Like the club manager stated in the beginning, DND is very social and cooperative. Your teammates trust you and you need to trust your teammates so you can reach the end of the game, your chances of success increase if the team is more experienced. An example of this cooperation could be your teammate is warning you of a chest that’s secretly a trap from Dark Souls. On the other hand, you may encounter a bargaining deal for the newest game by CD Project Red for 30 gold and your teammate says the dealer is a thief and will try and rob you of all your fortunes. It’d wise to listen to the judgement of your teammates otherwise whatever fate lies ahead of your character is inevitable. 

~The end is nigh; we reach our fate and destiny. ~ 

All in all. DND, despite the many contrarians opposing it, is tabletop co-op game that has had mild success in the 80’s which the flame slowly died out and was relit by the flames of other mediums of entertainment. DND and its community are probably the friendliest of niches which you can connect with. Never have I seen a community like this for a long while and, hopefully, that flame lights other torches to light up the dungeon. 

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