Among Us: The new obsession

Basic Among Us information 

Among Us is a science-fiction game with mild violenceIt’s a murder mystery game like the games Clue, Mafia, and Secret Hitler. There are 3 different maps to play on including The Shield, Moral HQ, and Polus. You need a minimum of 4 players but can have up to 10, 1-3 of these players can be imposters depending on the hosts settings. Crewmates complete tasks and try to correctly identify imposter and eject people until they find the impostor.  However, the Imposters try to kill all the crewmates as they complete tasks. 

Why is Among Us so popular 

On June 15, 2018 the company Innersloth made the game Among Us. However, it wasn’t very popular until 2 years later when the popular twitch streamer Sodapoppin with a following of over 2.7 million on twitch played Among Us, and live streamed his gameplay. Among Us now currently has over 41.9 million downloads worldwide and is currently popular with the art community, gaming community, the meme community, and even the makeup community. This games popularity is still rapidly growing due to more and more popular influencers playing it. The influencers that are making an impact on the games popularity includes popular youtubers like Markipilier, who has 27.1 million subscribers, PewDiePie with 107 million subscribers, James Charles with 22.8 million subscribers, and MrBeast with 44.8 million subscribers. 


Crewmates have a considerably harder job than imposters. Crewmates have a list of tasks to complete. Tasks are a good way to find out who the imposters are. As crewmates are completing tasks the task bar on the top left of the screen fills up. If this bar fills all the way up the crewmates win and the imposters lose. For the task bar to fill all the way everyone needs to help, by completing their tasks. As crewmates walk around, they might find a body on the ground. If you hit the report button a meeting is called where you can type in the chat with other players, and vote for someone to be ejected. Once that player that was voted out is ejected their role will be reviled. Crewmates can also call emergency meetings in which the voting panel and chat room is also brought up. These meetings are timed, a meeting can last from 120 seconds (2 minutes) or shorter depending on the hosts settings. Crewmates can win by finding and ejecting all imposters.  


Imposters go around and kill crewmates by hitting a kill button when your close to them. There is between 10-30 second cool down period, meaning imposters can’t kill again until that time is up. Imposters can sabotage communications making crewmates unable to see their tasks, doors can be used for locking crewmates in rooms, sabotaging lights makes it extremely hard for the crewmates to see, sabotaging O2 gives players a few seconds to fix the O2 if the O2 is not fixed than crewmates and imposters die, sabotaging the reactor also gives the crewmates a few seconds to fix the reactor before it melts down and kills all the crewmates therefore letting the imposters win. Imposters can use vents as short cuts from room to room, these are most used to get away from the body of the person they just killed. 

In Game Death 

Even after a crewmate “dies,” they still play a role in the game. When you die you come back as a ghost, though you’re not able to interact with “living” players, Ghost crewmates can interact with each other. Even if your dead you can still do your tasks and contribute to the task bar. When an imposter gets ejected, they come back as a ghost as well. However, ghost imposters cannot complete tasks, kill, or interact with the living crewmates, but they can still sabotage. 


This game offers character customization. You and customize your name who what u want, but there’s a limit to the lengthYou can also change the color of you suit, the colors include red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple, black, brown, cyan, lime, and white. You can add hats as well. The hats are yellow party hat, black hat, face mask, science googles, banana skin, red Bennie, bear ears, cheese, cherry, fried egg, black cowboy hat, flamingo floatie, flower, knight’s helmet, sprout, crown, eyebrows, halo, link cap, snorkel, stick man, eye, toilet paper roll, pilgrim hat, flat cap, plunger, safari hat, ten gallon hat, antenna, space helmet, balloon, backwards cap, bird’s nest, Rambo headbandbrain slug, outback hat, captain’s hat, wet floor sign, chef’s hat, train conductor hat, bandanna, double top hat, “dum” post-it note, fez, flower pot, general’s cap, flight googles, Elvis hair, hard hat, Elmer Fudd hat, army helmet, commander’s hat, mini crewmate, disguise, paper hat, pink party hat, police hat, horns, clown hat, doctor’s mirror, top hat, towel, Cossack hat, Viking helmet, black cap, and white top hat. They also offer several skins, but they cost $1.99. These skins include space suit, pilot, overalls, soldier, police, lab coat, black suit, white suit, and special ops. You can also have pets, the pets cost $2.99 each. These pets include a bed crab, brain slug, hamster in a ball, a dog, a UFO, a mini crewmate, wall-e, stick man, stick woman, and squid. 

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