2020-2021 Staff

Kyah Palmisano

Academics Writer

Kyah Palmisano is a Junior in her second year at North Port High School. She is a visually impaired sixteen-year-old who writes for the newspaper, Bobcat Nation. Kyah has no brothers or sisters but has one dog named Louie. S...

Brooke Sawyer

Sports Editor

Brooke Sawyer is a first-year sports editor for the newspaper. Although, it’s only her first year in journalism, she has background in yearbook and is almost always up to date with sports. She enjoys playing basketball ...

Mia Ventriglia

Policy Editor

Mia Ventriglia goes to North Port High School. It is her 12th year in North Port High School and she has been doing Journalism/Newspaper for three years. She lives with her parents, three siblings, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 1 kitten, in a ho...

Nate Jones

TV Announcer

Nate is amazing he is a student at North Port High School. He is a student in journalism. He would like to go to college at FGCU, and he would love to do his own business and have a car shop. He would like to get a scho...

Caleb Kiesel

Copy Editor and Video Producer

Caleb Kiesel is a Junior at North Port High School and is also the Video Producer of Bobcat Nation, better known as the morning news. After being head anchor for 2 years, he suddenly disappeared as he transitioned to working b...